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Skåne is the southernmost region of Sweden and one of Northern Europe's most fertile agricultural areas. It has green deciduous forests and dramatic rocky coasts in the northwest, endless fields and miles of white sandy beaches in the south, gently rolling hills and green pastures in the West.

In Sweden there are around 300 castles and gardens from different historical periods from the 12th to the 19th Century. Since they are all great, it is difficult to name a particularly interesting specimen In addition, more diverse cultural and natural history courses a worthwhile destination.

Information is available at: www.visitsweden.com (E)




Moosepark Smalandet

Here you are allowed to drive your own car or take the safari train through a large moose-park. Along a 3-km long winding forest path you can meet the king of the forest very close!

The 18th- Century- Farm is located in a beautiful landscape. In the restaurant you can taste an elk sausage, or have a coffee and cake, while your children make friends with the goats in the petting zoo. In 2008, the safari park was expanded. In the adjacent enclosure you can now also admire a herd of American bisons.

www.smalandet.se (E)




Astrid Lindgrens World

Astrid Lindgren's World is a theater and theme park in which the characters and settings from Astrid Lindgren's books come alive.

Here you meet Pippi Longstocking and her friends, as well as Michel from Lönnaberga. Also the Brothers Lionheart, Milo, Karlson from the roof, and many other figurs are found. They play stories from their books and improvise scenes where the children also are allowed to play in.

Astrid Lindgren's world is open from 12 May to 29 August daily and on weekends in September. Is is also opened a few weeks in October and November (42nd, 43rd and 44th week). During high season there are about 350 employees in Astrid Lindgren's World, of whom around 100 are egaged in the theater.

www.alv.se  (E)




Quarry Svartabergen Black Mountains

"Hard as a rock" is often said, but not all stones are equally hard. Here in the "Svartabergen" we find the hardest black granite (diabase) in the world. Huge stone heaps and deep quarries are evidence of a bygone era, as here, the black granite was mined and exported around the world. Of over one hundred quarries some are still in operation and deliver the black diabase. In the Svartabergen you can experience the spectacular setting on the edge of the 900-meter water-filled quarry. Various artists from all around the world have created many objects that are all scattered around the grounds.www.svartabergen.nu (E)




Stud Flyinge

About 10 minutes from Lund is one of the oldest horse studs in the world. 1661, the former King Charles X Gustav founded here a National Horse Stud.
But the origins goes back well into the 12th Century. The stately historic buildings and stables give evidence of the great tradition. Flyinge is world famous for its magnificent, powerful horses and its beautiful surroundings.
Visitors can walk around the grounds and admire the horses, the barns, the buildings and the beautiful surroundings. Demonstrations are available on demand in English. The stables are open to everyone between 9 clock in the morning and 16 clock in the afternoon.





Glass Factory, the Crystal Kingdom

Since 1742 blown glass is made here. Together with the glass blowers, the designers continually demand the ability of the glass to new challenges and many glassblowing techniques were developed in the Småland huts.

Today, visitors will find both utility glass and art glass from world class. Guests may also like to come up to the glass furnaces, and have a close experience when glass is made up!

www.glasriket.se (E)





Wanås offers a combination of art, nature and history. Since 1987 Wanås presents  international art, with an emphasis on site-specific installations.

Wanås in Östra Göinge in southern Sweden consists of a medieval castle, an organic farm, an art gallery, a sculpture park with a collection of 50 permanent works of art, as well as a shop and a café. Each year, world-renowned artists are invited to produce art in Wanås.

www.wanas.se (E)




Linnés Råshult

Råshult is the birthplace of the famous Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné, who laid the foundations of modern botanical and zoological classification scheme. The cultural reserve was created to preserve the typical landscape at the early 18th Century and to illustrate how it looked when Carl Linnaeus lived there.

The Cultural Reserve consists of a 42-acre natural area with buildings, gardens and courtyard and exterior surfaces. On marked trails, you can walk through the historic vegetable, fruit and flower gardens and learn about the former agricultural use of the forests, fields and meadows.

In the café you can enjoy a refreshing drink and food that is served from a historically dressed staff.

www.linnesrashult.se (E)




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